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Joke Name Hits Category Date Added
101 Ways to Annoy People 43206 Other 28 Jan 2011
Short Funny One-Liners 66007 Other 30 Nov 2010
Lady GaGa's Stuttering Problem 25286 Other 27 Nov 2010
Yo mama so fat...size 31316 Your-Mama 18 Nov 2010
One legged dog 22686 Other 15 Nov 2010
KFC 38548 Gross 15 Nov 2010
Firetruck 22953 Gross 04 Nov 2010
First Class 29124 Blonde 04 Nov 2010
Last Request 18509 Other 03 Nov 2010
Drivers Licence 29415 Blonde 23 Oct 2010

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Oh My God!
Mexican or Mexican't
Your teeth are so busted...
Octogenarian Barroom Chat
Yo mama's Teeth So Crooked
Yo momma's so fat she has to polish her nails...
Yo Mama's So Fat... Tattoo
A little boy wrote to Santa ...
Psychology Class
Yo mama's So Wrinkly

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