sup prize

A woman in her mid 20s loved beans you know the baked kind. But they had the adverse affect of bad flatulence years of failed relationships because of this problem she decided to give the beans up 2 months later she found the perfect guy and settled down on her way back from work her car broke down about 10 miles from her home so she phoned her lover and asked to be picked up he came up with a story that he had something he needed to bid on, on the internet and said its not that far so walk so she did after about 20 mins she came across a 24 hour cafe felling a bit hungry she decided she would have some beans and the affects would wear of before she got home 2 bowls later she set of again walking and farting step after step she would let one rip 1 hour later she arrived at home and before she opened the door she let out another felt ripper and walked trough the door immediately met by her husband who then coverd her eyes with a silk ribbon and led her to the dinning room and sat her down just as he was about to speek the phone rang and he jumped up and said dont move and dont take of the blindfold sat there with the blindfold on she felt a rumble in the jungle trying to keep it in her husband began shouting at the caller saying no i dont want it piss off. she dicided that this would be the perfect time to let one rip so she did the walls started to shake the cat started gagging and then it was all out sniggering to he self she began waving her hands to get rid of the smell 5 mins later the husband came in and stooped over her and whispered in her ear baby love you will you marry me. as he said this he pulled of the blindfold and everyone in the room yelled supprize

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